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Moodle Development Requests


What is a Development Request?

Development Requests are requests to change or develop new functionality that is not currently provided by the enterprise version of an application supported by eSolutions.

Please remember:

  • If there is a fault with a learning system, please contact the Service Desk.
  • For more information on the use of learning systems, please visit the other pages on this site or visit the Moodle page directly.

request process diagram

The Development Request Process

**Note** Link change for Moodle/Learning Systems request form in Service Desk Online 

  • Identify the area you consider to offer opportunity for enhancement or development.
  • View the current Request Log to check whether the same idea has already been submitted.
  • If your idea does not appear in the Request Log, please submit it as a request by contacting the Service Desk or completing the Moodle/Learning Systems request form in Service Desk Online.
  • When submitting your request, please identify verbally or in writing that the request is an 'Enhancement request' and ensure that you answer all of the following questions: 
  1. Which learning system is the request for?
  2. What is the problem you are trying to solve?
  3. Why does this problem need to be solved, i.e. what is the impact of not solving the problem?
  4. What are the benefits of solving the problem? Benefits can relate to yourself, your students, your school, your faculty or the University.
  5. If applicable, how are you dealing with the problem at the moment?
  • You may be contacted if further information is required.
  • Your request will now be entered into the Request Log and will be visible to all staff.

What happens next?

eSolutions are not currently progressing new items in the Request Log, as our limited resources are necessarily prioritising stabilisation and ongoing fault rectification.  Once we have the capacity to look at new developments, we will work with faculties to establish a fair prioritisation process so that users can be directly involved in deciding what future developments will most benefit the University.