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Moodle Support for Students

 Welcome to the Moodle Support for students page. Below you'll find some helpful links to assist you to use Moodle.


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Top 5 student FAQs

1. What is Turnitin
Turnitin is text-matching software which will assist students and staff in understanding and supporting the ethical and appropriate use of materials.

2. Why use Turnitin?
The University recommends that Turnitin be used as an educative rather than a punitive tool. Turnitin, when used in partnership with other academic integrity resources, can assist students to develop skills and a better ethical awareness of academic integrity. Staff can set up Turnitin to help students check if their assignments are too closely worded to the original text and alerts them to areas that need additional attention and/or where they have been too reliant on the original text. Using Turnitin in partnership with other academic integrity resources can assist students to check their work for correct citation and referencing. Lecturers can use Turnitin to check student work for text-matching for the purpose of ensuring authentic work.

3. I am having some issues with Moodle. How can I get assistance?
All service requests can be submitted by phone (990 32777) or online to the eSolutions Service Desk. If we are aware of an issue with Moodle it will be listed on the Known Issues page.

4. How do I know that I have submitted my quiz correctly?
   a) Read the quiz introduction and requirements to ensure you complete the quiz within the time limit and
       before the close date/time 
   b) To navigate around the quiz and go back to questions, ensure you click on the links.
       Do not click the browser back button 
   c) Click on the Finish attempt link in the Quiz navigation block
       Note: You will not have the option to click this link if you have clicked Next on the last question
   d) Click the Submit all and finish button (you must always click this button at the end of a quiz)
   e) You will see a confirmation box highlighting you're about to close this attempt.
       If you’re happy with your answers click the Yes button    

5.  How do I change my time zone? 
All users should update their time zone when accessing Moodle for the first time. 
To change your time zone in your profile settings:
    a) In the Settings block under My profile settings, click Edit Profile.
    b) Scroll down to the Timezone field and select the required time zone

Quick start guide to Moodle

Watch this two minute PowerPoint presentation (1.98MB) or download the PDF version (1.32MB) for a brief introduction to Moodle 2. A great resource for students and staff alike.

Service Desk online

For Moodle enquiries contact the Service Desk

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