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Moodle Change Release Schedule

Scheduled Outages

The following is a list of scheduled system maintenance windows.  Note that scheduled maintenance windows are only used when required.  However, it is recommended that academics and course administrators avoid these times when setting assessment deadlines or scheduling activities.



Moodle may be unavailable during the following times due to weekly maintenance.


Thursdays 07:00am- 09:00am (AEST/AEDT)



  • A weekend each year have been reserved for Learning Systems upgrades. This includes Moodle, Equella and Turnitin. The dates chosen are the weekend immediately before the Exams Results release for Semester 2. The dates are based on the University Calendar, and are:

    • 2015 Semester 2: January 22-25 2016

    • 2016 Semester 2: December 3/4

    • 2017 Semester 2: December 2/3

    • 2018 Semester 2: December 1/2

Release Schedule

On a regular basis, updates are made to Moodle based on user feedback. All changes are first approved by the BLT team.

Below is a list of past changes made to Moodle. The weekly change window is Thursday mornings, 7-9AM.  During this time, Moodle is available (unless otherwise advised).

If you have any questions regarding the Moodle release schedule, please contact Service Desk.

22/23 November, 2014


Update to Moodle 2.7.1 stable version

21 August, 2014


Update to Moodle 2.5.7 stable version

  • Most imporantly, this fixes 13 security announcements affecting Moodle:
  • Uploaded images now scale consistently in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox
  • File picker works when zooming in and out of browser
  • full list of fixed issues in 2.5.7

Affecting all staff and students

Affecting all staff

  • Grades |  When editing is on, the grades rows will continue to align

Affecting all Faculty administrators

  • Callista Block’s Calendar | The month in the Callista Block's Calendar will be visible.
  • Callista Block’s Calendar | The calendar will not be truncated in Internet Explorer
  • Site home | The search units function will now be available from the site home again
  • Restore | When restoring units, administrators will have a drop down list to restore into rather than a radio button and search field
3 April, 2014


  • Backup files | To fix the issue where unit backup file goes to Private Backup Area rather than Unit Backup Area.
  • Unable to delete unit (course ID: 10549) | To fix the issue where Moodle is failing to remove several grading items and categories associated with the unit

23 January, 2014


  • Forums | Deleting large forums will no longer fail due to timeout errors


  • Monash Library Block | Past exams link will be updated for 2014 

5 December, 2013

  • Quiz | Cloze quiz questions with images will now import images correctly
  • Quiz | Quiz questions with images will no longer have permission errors (currently some are not able to be viewed by some students)
  • Forum | Emails with long subject titles sent out from Moodle forums will no longer have missing white spaces
  • Gradebook | Administrators with many user preferences for categories in the gradebook will no longer receive error messages when collapsing or expanding categories in the gradebook


  • Groups | Groups will be resorted so that non-alphanumeric characters will be below alphanumeric characters.  In other words, “(inactive)” groups will be listed below active ones
  • Wiki | Improvements will be made to navigation and security for Wikis using groups
  • Asynchronous Backup / Restore / Import | Improvements to asynchronous backups have been made to increase reliability
  • Report a Moodle Fault | A deeplink to Report a Moodle Fault will be added to the global navigation bar in Moodle (will take users to the Service Desk online)

Please also note that outage times, which are part of the weekly Moodle maintenance window, will also be published on the following sites from Monday October 28, 2013:

5 September


  • Engagement analytics | Allow the Engagement Analytics block to work successfully with large classes.
  • Forum | Emails with long subject titles sent out from Moodle forums will no longer remove whitespaces.
  • Feedback | Fix display problems when exporting data into Excel from the feedback module.
  • Assignments | Feedback will now show to students if 'No grade' is used and feedback is given.
  • Calendar | Fix date picker issues when the current month has less than 31 days.


  • Upgrade of Attendance plugin | The Attendance plugin will be upgraded. This will help to overcome some of our current backup and restore issues.
  • Callista groups | Callista groups will NOT be removed from Moodle when the Callista enrolment ends.  Instead '(inactive)' will appear prior to the group name.
  • Tutor role | Staff with the tutor role in Moodle will no longer be able to delete forum posts

27 June

  • Safari | Staff and students will no longer be able to accidentally resubmit forum posts by clicking the browser back button in Safari.
  • Gradebook & Groups | Lecturers will no longer see multiple records of the same user which are currently displayed upon exporting the gradebook and in groups.
  • Grades | Gradebook will load even when Extra credit grade items are the last entry.
  • Grades | Hidden grades will not become visible again after clicking Update and save within an activity.
  • Forum | Discussion forums will display correctly. (There have been some issues with some staff and students only being able to view the header).
  • Drag and drop |  When files are dragged and dropped into a hidden section they will now have a closed eye icon and will not be visible.
  • Question bank | Question bank and Question bank categories will no longer receive a File Not Found error when exporting.
  • Moodle session timeout | Moodle session timeout will be increased from two hours to four hours. This will help prevent students from being timed-out of long quizzes.
  • Backup and restore | Backup and restore of Moodle units will be handled asynchronously.  Users will no longer have to wait for the task to complete, they will receive an email notification when the task has completed.  This will assist with the backup and restore of large units where previously the users browser would timeout while waiting for the task to complete.
  • Observer role | The observer role will be enabled at a Category level. This will allow faculties to grant view only access for their entire faculty where necessary.

9 May

  • Allocate+| Location changes in Allocate+ will be correctly reflected in Moodle
  • Forum | Forum subscribers will be correctly updated when updating the settings on a forum, i.e. from Optional Subscription to Automatic Subscription
  • Allocate+| Groups will NOT be removed from Moodle when the Allocate+ class ends.  Instead '(inactive)' will appear prior to the group, e.g.  (inactive) Allocate+ ABC1234 Introduction 01 CL_25/S10 Wed 09:00
  • Assignment | The timeout for downloading assignments as a zip has been increased from 1 minute to 5 minutes

4 April

  • General | If screen reader mode is enabled Collapsed topics will now display correctly.
  • General | Units that are hidden from students but visible to staff will now display in grey for staff in the Unit Overview block.
  • Quizzes | Quizzes with group overrides will now close at the correct date / time for non-group members completing the quiz.
  • Grades | Activities that are hidden will now have grades visible to students.
  • File Management | Overwriting a file with the same file name will no longer produce an error message.

28 Feb

  • The Copyright Information link on the Moodle's global navigation bar has been replaced with Your Responsibilities

18 December

  • All Users | Callista access end date by default will extend until the deferred exam period (For example: All new semester 1 2013 units created after 10:20AM today will have an end date of 16 August 2013)

24 October

  • All Users | Glossary auto-linking can be enabled if there is a glossary activity to link to. (This means that links to glossary activity entries can be created.

10 October

  • Administrators/Lecturers | An option has been added to the Callista block which allows the user to choose whether they want to synchronise Allocate+ groups or not
  • All | Minor fixes to the theme to address reported issues 

6 September

  • Administrators/Lecturers | The certificate module will be disabled
  • Administrators | Files over 2GB will download consistently
  • All | The categories in the Gradebook will display a longer title
  • All | Inconsistencies with breadcrumbs Navigation block links will be fixed
  • All | Minor changes will be made to improve the display of the collapsed topic format

16 August

  • Administrators | Subcategory controls inside categories will be added to allow administrators to manage their own categories
  • Gradebook | Order of fields for grade book import/exports will be modified and mapped according to ID number rather than first name
  • General | Students username will be added to unit reports
  • Quizzes | Adaptive mode will be switched off by default
  • General | URL and file links will open from navigation block
  • Assignments | Downloading zipped assignments will now work reliably in Chrome
  • Certificates | Permission error on certificate creation will be fixed
  • Administrators | Allocate+ groups mapping will be fixed
  • Allocate + | Students will now be able to have view only access Moodle units they previously had access to, even if their Allocate + group has been removed from the Moodle unit due to completion and/or being dropped out of Allocate + extract.

18 July

  • Import | Administrators will have the option to include legacy files on unit import
  • Assignments | Feedback will be shown to students when using No grade for Advanced uploading of file assignments. This makes feedback consistent across all the assignment types 
  • Calendar | Enable calendar to work again (broken in 2.0.9 upgrade)
  • TinyMCE (WYSIWYG editor) | Display inline styles correctly in TinyMCE (WYSIWYG editor)

5 July

  • Performance | Enhancements have been carried out to a number of areas including loading main unit page, forums and scales
  • Callista |  The three day grace period for suspending discontinued (e.g. encumbered, withdrawn) students will be removed
  • Restore | When restoring, categories that you have access to will now be selectable from a drop-down box, rather than having to search for them
  • Grades | Lecturers/Administrators will be able to see and edit response feedback when grades have been overwritten

29 June

  • General | Monash Moodle will be upgraded to version 2.0.9
  • General | New Monash Moodle themes will be available in Moodle 2
  • Grades |  Additional export option will be available to exclude suspended (e.g. encumbered, withdrawn) students
  • Grades | Regrade function will now take into account User overrides (this is a Known Issue fix as well)
  • Grades | Regrade will no longer penalise students when Adaptive mode is disabled
  • Grades | Within Grades, in the Settings section, the Overview report, Show Rank text box will now display as expected (prior to this, the default would display as Default (Hide), although the default was set to Default (Show))
  • Wikis | Wikis that were set to Separate groups the later changed to Visible groups will now  function as expected
  • General | As per accessibility requirements, when adding an image the WYSIWYG Editor will now require an image description

24 May

  • All backups will be placed in the Unit Backup Area instead of the User Private Backup Area

17 May

  • Forums | Tutors will no longer be able to reply to News forum posts
  • Roles | The Enrolment Manager role will be created. This role will allow staff to enrol other staff as Moodle 2 users (lecturers, non-primary lecturers and tutors only)
  • Moodle performance | Changes will be made to Moodle 2 to enhance Moodle 2 performance

10 May

  • Moodle performance | Changes will be made to Moodle 2 to enhance Moodle 2 performance

3 May

  • Quizzes | Change to switch any quizzes that have Full screen pop-up with some JavaScript security enabled to None in the Browser security settings

26 April

  • General | Moodle 2 disk space increased

19 April

  • Quizzes | A loophole in quiz 'secure mode' which appears in some themes will be corrected
  • Quizzes | Multiple alerts for restricted actions in popup quizzes will be prevented
  • Quizzes | Popup quizzes will only display in the popup window
  • Moodle performance | Collapsed topics issuing many restore requests will be prevented
  • Moodle performance | Long transaction sessions in Callista sync will be prevented
  • Moodle performance | Timing of sync modified to avoid peak usage times
  • Moodle performance | Statistics query performance will be improved
  • Moodle performance | Statistics will no longer run nightly

29 March

  • Blocks | The Library resources block will enabled, lecturers will be able to add it via the Add a block block
  • Callista |  Units created via the Callista block will now be searchable
  • Blocks | The Online users monitor block will be disabled
  • Lessons | When you add a Content page and/or Question page the button at the bottom of each page will now read Save page (regardless of which page is added)
  • Callista | Students will no longer be assigned multiple student roles. This in turn means that all students will only be allocated one column in the Gradebook

 22 March

  • General | The Feedback link in Moodle’s global navigation bar will be removed

14 March

  • Roles and permissions | The guest role will have view only access to Moodle. Guest role will no longer be able to interact in Moodle e.g. in discussion forums.
  • Roles and permissions | Authenticated user and visitor roles will no longer be able to view any unit content if they do not have a specified role in that unit e.g. Student, Lecturer, Tutor

07 March

  • Callista Block | Enrol staff link will take you to the Enrolled Users page 
  • Restore | When restoring, categories that you have access to can now be selected from a drop-down box, rather than having to search for them.
  • Backup | When importing backups in which the number of sections in the backup is greater than the number of sections in the current unit, the new sections will be automatically created rather than putting all content in the summary area
  • Backup | Lecturers can now download backups they have created
  • Attendance Block | Lectures can now create multiple sessions in the Attendance block

29 February

  • Roles | ServiceDesk will now be able to view information contained within the Callista block

15 February

  • General | Library link in the Global Navigation Bar will take you to the Library homepage instead of the Library Catalogue page
  • Roles | The Tutor role in Moodle will be able to switch roles to Student view

8 February

  • General | Email subject will display ampersand correctly
  • Callista Block | Enhancements will be made to Callista block. These include an at-a-glance summary of the linked offerings and students access dates.
  • Unit settings | When creating new units, the default availability will be 'This unit is available to students'. Default setting is currently 'This unit is not available to students'.

11 January

  • General | 'Need help?' and 'Feedback' links will be available in Moodle's global navigation bar

30 November

  • General | PDF documents will embed correctly regardless of which version of Adobe Reader you are using
  • Messaging | The ability to ttemporarily disable notifications will be removed
  • Feedback | The short answer response limit will be increased from five to fifty characters by default
  • Metacourses | Metacourses will be turned on for Faculty Administrators to enable at their discretion

23 November

  • Enrolments |  When mapping Callista cohorts, Moodle will ignore any students with a 'DUPLICATE', 'INVALID' and 'UNCONFIRM' enrolment status
  • Grades | Grades column will sort consistently
  • General | Moodle to be upgraded to version 2.0.5 on 23 November

17 November

  •  General | Copyright block can no longer be removed by administrators.
  • Theme | Participants and Enrolled users lists|will now have a username field to search users.
  • Messaging | Jabber messaging options have been removed from My profile settings as they do not apply.
  • Forum | New users will have forum tracking set to highlight new forum posts by default.
  • Theme | Resources and Activities with coloured text will now dim when hidden
  • General | Students will be able to see feedback when assignment category 'No grade' is selected

3 November 2011 

  • Theme | Question bank will have Monash styling applied.
  • Theme | Grades subheadings (such as ‘View’ and ‘Grader Report’) will have Monash styling applied.
  • Theme | Enrolled Users will display alternate colours for each row. This will make identifying individual students easier.
  • Theme | Enrolled Users will display inactive user names and details with a strikethrough font. This will make inactive users more easy to identify.
  • Grades | Grades and comments columns will sort consistently. 
  • Enrolment | Enrolment Keys will be configured to allow lecturers to use enrolment keys for self-enrolment. Currently this option is only available to Faculty Administrators.
  • Theme | Footer will have links added to Copyright, Privacy, CRICOS and Monash University. The links in the footer ‘You are logged in as’ and ‘Logout’ will be removed.
  • Theme | Footer links that have been visited will remain white. Currently links turn blue after being clicked on making them blend into the background and therefore difficult to identify.
  • Assignment | Default maximum upload size will be set to 100MB instead of 1MB. 
  • Roles | Helpdesk role in Moodle is currently unable to view certain files. Configuration changes will be made to allow the Helpdesk role to see all groups within Moodle and view the appropriate group content. This will allow the eSolutions Servicedesk to further assist students.
  • Messaging | The option ‘Unit creation request approval notification’ will be removed from the Messaging page as is currently a redundant option.

20 October 2011 

13 October 2011

  • General | Administrators can now download large backup files from Moodle.
  • General | Monash authcate username and ID numbers will be visible to lecturer in Moodle to assist in distinguishing between students with the same name.
  • General | Select text in Moodle will now by default align left rather than centre.
  • Images  | Warning message when uploading an image using the WYSIWYG editor now displays correctly. This warning message appears when a description (alt text) is not added when uploading an image.

6 October 2011

  • General | Faculty Administrators will no longer be able to enrol other users to the Faculty Administrator role (please contact the VLE to add additional Faculty Administrators)
  • General | Lecturers will have the ability to enrol other Lecturers, Non-Primary Lecturers and Designers into their Moodle unit
  • Assignments | Lecturers will be able to download all student submissions as *.zip and backup
  • Groups | The maximum number of users shown in the group selector tool will increase from 100 to 2000
  • General | URL will redirect to the correct URL
  • Activity | When access times have been set in the "Restrict access" section of an activity, they will display according to the user's timezone
  • Forum | Unread discussion forum posts will now fit within the Moodle Window

22 September 2011

  • General | Lecturers will be able to choose from the entire selection of backup options for their unit
  • General | Moodle 2 Server time will be corrected and will no longer be 3 minutes out of sync
  • General | Non-primary lecturer role will be added to Moodle 2: This role gives users the same permissions within Moodle as the current lecturer role but is not visible to students and staff

7 September 2011

  • Callista Block | Will now capture all versions of Callista unit offerings rather than just the selected version
  • General | Lecturers and Administrators will be able to backup units larger than 500MB (bug fix)
  • General | Spell checker in HTML WYSIWYG editor will now work
  • Messages | When searching for users in "Messages", units with long titles in the drop down menu will now display appropriately and fit in the Monash Moodle Theme

24 August 2011

  • User account | Default timezone will be set to Melbourne, Australia (EST)
  • Activity | Feedback Module's adaptaive feedback for Matching Quiz questions
  • Activity | Ensure that Lesson Module text says inside borders correctly
  • Theme | Ordered lists fixed to display correctly
  • Theme | Header bar fixed to display correctly in Mozilla Firefox v3.0-3.5
  • Callista block | Student pop-up display fixed user list correctly
  • File picker | Ensure that users can upload files from file picker in Internet Explorer 9

18 August 2011

  • Roles & Permissions | The Guest role will be enabled at Unit level.
  • Forums | The time a student has to re-edit a forum post will be reset to the default time of 30 minutes. Please note, this change will not affect lecturers ability to re-edit their forum posts at any time.

11 August 2011

  • Forum | Ensure that Forums that are using Read tracking have the unread posts showing up correctly.

4 August 2011

  • Resources | Descriptions for all resources will be made optional
  • Resources | URL display option - enable URLs to be opened in a new window
  • Copyright   | Copyright banner will only be displayed on the my home and unit home page

28 July 2011

  • Theme fixes | Header bar accepts long unit names
  • Theme fixes | Book Module font has been adjusted to a larger size.
  •  Theme fixes | Calendar, submit button and html block display issues and additional browser related issues
  • Profile Settings | Removal of mandatory city/town, country and description field in user profile
  • Callista integration | enrolment of users by username rather than ID number



  • Wiki | Comments in the wiki page will be displayed in order from oldest to most recent
  • Download / Restore | The history of downloads and restores in the download and restore pages will be extended from 1 day to 2 weeks.


  • Backup / Restore / Import | The wording of success and failure emails regarding Backup / Restore / Import will be customised to Monash.

31 October