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Moodle 2.7 Quick Start Guide


Usability and Accessibility - Moodle has implemented a number of enhancements in recent versions and have continued to improve the interface.

New Edit menu - instead of all of the activity editing tools being listed to the right of each activity they can now be found in a drop down menu to the right of each activity, with the exception of the group mode tool.

interface edit menu


The new assignment module has been enabled as part of the Moodle 2.7 upgrade.

activity assignment

This introduces many new features including:

  • Group assignments
  • Blind marking
  • Word limit for online submissions
  • PDF markup
  • Allocate markers
  • Marking workflow
  • Reopen assignment submission ... to name a few!

There is now only one Moodle Assignment activity, with all of the assignment sub-types now managed by the Submission types setting.

activity sassignment submission settings

Advanced uploading of files =
 Select File submissions, Set Maximum number of uploaded files to the desired number > 1.

Online text =
 Deselect File submissions, Select Online text.

Upload single file (default) =
 File submissions selected and Maximum number of uploaded files set to 1.

Offline activity =
 Deselect both File submissions and Online text.

For more information about Assignments see the Learning Topic: Working with assignments.

Conditional Activities

Using Moodle 2.7 conditional activities you are able to set complex conditions that allow you to create more advanced learning paths.

Improvements include:

  • Simpler interface
  • "or" condition
  • Nested restrictions for complex conditions

In the edit screen for any Moodle Activity, you will find the conditional activity settings towards the end of the form. The screen shots included here are from a discussion forum.

activity forum conditional activitiy

The interface is simplified, with a single choice to Add restriction.

add restriction

Once you have added restrictions, you will also notice a few changes to the interface.

restriction settings

In this example the activity will only become available when both the Activity "Moodle 2.7 Overview" is marked complete AND the date is 17/09/14 or greater.

In the access restrictions, we now have options of must or must not match, all or any of the following, as well as use of and or or for relating conditions, providing many more possibilities for conditional release.

The Visibility drop down box has been replaced with the eye icon (show), which, when open will display the activity as greyed out to students on the Unit page, when crossed out (hide) the activity will be completely hidden to students on the Unit page.

For more information about working with Conditional Activities see the Learning Topic: Controlling access to unit content

Atto Editor

Atto is the new HTML Editor provided with Moodle 2.7. Atto has been designed for:

  • Improved usability and accessibility
  • Mobile and theme friendly
  • Improved equation editing

Atto is available for selection in My Profile, however the TinyMCE editor is still available and remains Monash Moodle's default editor. Users can choose which editor they prefer to use. See the Learning Topics: Editing your profile and Using HTML or Text Editors in Moodle.

The first tool in the Atto editor allows you to show/hide additional tools.

atto editor

tools expanded

Equation editor

The new Atto editor also features a new equation interface, which allows you to insert and edit equations. The interface uses the same TeX filters as the previous editor, but equations can be edited.

equation tool

You can select from the symbols provided, or type the equation into the editing area.

equation editor sample

Once you save the equation and return to your unit, the equation is displayed as shown in the Equation preview.

equation final

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