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About the Moodle Unit

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A Moodle unit is the space where you can add learning materials and create a collaborative learning environment for your students. Units are created by your faculty administrators. You can then add the content and re-organise them according to your own needs.

Edit unit settings

Unit settings determine how and when your unit will be displayed to students. They are applied across the entire unit but can be changed for individual resources/activities as needed.

To edit unit settings:

1. In  your Dashboard, click on the unit name to open your unit.

2. In the Administration block, under Unit administration, click Edit settings.

3. In the Edit unit settings page, make the changes required.

Note: You can click on the help icon (help icon) beside the field for more information.

a. The most common display formats are Collapsed Topics, Topics format and Weekly format.

topic format

b. You can change the unit layout to either Show all sections on one page or Show one section per page.

unit layout

c. You can increase or decrease the number of weeks or topics displayed. The maximum number of weeks or topics is 52. Note that changing from Topics formats to Weekly format erases the content of all Topic headers if you decide to reinstate the original format.

Note: An alternative method to increase or decrease the number of topics displayed is as follows:

i. Ensure editing is on.

ii. Navigate to the bottom of your unit.

iii. Click on the switch positive icon or switch negative icon as required. 

4. Once complete, click Save changes.

Back up your unit

Moodle units are backed up by faculty administrators at the end of each semester. You can also back up your unit at any time if you are making multiple changes and/or are worried about losing content.

To back up a unit:

1. In My home page, click on the unit name to open your unit.

2. In the Administration block, under Unit administration, click Backup.


3. Adjust the backup settings as necessary, then click Next.

Note: We recommend you untick the Include enrolled users box.

4. Select the topics and content to backup, then click Next.

5. Review and confirm the backup settings and content included.

Note: You can change the filename of the backup to something that makes sense to you. You can click Previous or Cancel at any time if you would like to go back and change what you have selected.

6. Click Perform backup. A confirmation screen will appear with a backup Job ID number and message advising the request has been placed in a queue. 

Backup processing

7. When the backup is complete you will receive an email to confirm and a message in the Moodle backup window advising that the backup file was successfully created:

Backup created

8. Now click Continue and you should see the new backup file.

Note: If you wish to restore a backup file, please request assistance from your faculty administrator.

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Copy your unit

A Moodle unit can be copied from an existing Moodle unit within the faculty category. To do this, request assistance from your faculty administrator.

Import content into your unit

You can import content from another Moodle unit into your own. To do this:

  1. In My home page, click on the unit name to open your unit.
  2. In the Administration block, under Unit administration, click Import.
  3. Select the unit you want to import content from, then click Continue.
  4. Select the import settings, then click Next.
  5. Select the content to import, then click Next.
  6. Review and confirm the import settings and content included.
  7. Click Perform import. A confirmation page will display once import has been completed.

Preview your unit by switching roles

You can check how students view your unit by switching roles from Lecturer to Student. To do this, in the Administration block, click Switch role to..., and select Student. To go back to the Lecturer role, click Return to my normal role in the Administration block, or on the upper right hand corner of your unit.

Work with your faculty administrator to add a new unit, move, restore, or delete your unit

The Lecturer role in Moodle does not have the capability to add, move, restore or delete a unit. Please discuss any requirements you have with your faculty administrator.

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Suggestions on how to use this tool

  • Set the way your unit will be displayed overall
  • Enable selective release of activities and resources

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